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Origin: oe. Entree, entre, f. Entree, fr. Entrer to enter. See enter, and cf. Entree.

1. The act of entering or passing into or upon; entrance; ingress; hence, beginnings or first attempts; as, the entry of a person into a house or city; the entry of a river into the sea; the entry of air into the blood; an entry upon an undertaking.

2. The act of making or entering a record; a setting down in writing the particulars, as of a transaction; as, an entry of a sale; also, that which is entered; an item. A notary made an entry of this act. (Bacon)

3. That by which entrance is made; a passage leading into a house or other building, or to a room; a vestibule; an adit, as of a mine. A straight, long entry to the temple led. (Dryden)

4. The exhibition or depositing of a ships papers at the customhouse, to procure license to land goods; or the giving an account of a ships cargo to the officer of the customs, and obtaining his permission to land the goods. See enter, 8, and entrance.


5. The actual taking possession of lands or tenements, by entering or setting foot on them. A putting upon record in proper form and order.

The act in addition to breaking essential to constitute the offense or burglary. Bill of entry. See Bill. Double entry, single entry. See Bookkeeping. Entry clerk, a writ issued for the purpose of obtaining possession of land from one who has unlawfully entered and continues in possession.

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