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1. To put force upon; to force; to constrain; to compel; as, to enforce obedience to commands. Inward joy enforced my heart to smile. (Shak)

2. To make or gain by force; to obtain by force; as, to enforce a passage. Enforcing furious way.

3. To put in motion or action by violence; to drive. As swift as stones Enforced from the old Assyrian slings. (Shak)

4. To give force to; to strengthen; to invigorate; to urge with energy; as, to enforce arguments or requests. Enforcing sentiment of the thrust humanity. (Burke)

5. To put in force; to cause to take effect; to give effect to; to execute with vigor; as, to enforce the laws.

6. To urge; to ply hard; to lay much stress upon. Enforce him with his envy to the people. (Shak)

Origin: OF. Enforcier to strengthen, force, f. Enforcir; pref. En- (L. In) _ f. Force. See force.

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