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(Science: pharmacology) a preparation of one liquid distributed in small globules throughout the body of a second liquid.

The dispersed liquid is the discontinuous phase and the dispersion medium is the continuous phase. When oil is the dispersed liquid and an aqueous solution is the continuous phase, it is known as an oil in water emulsion, whereas when water or aqueous solution is the dispersed phase and oil or oleaginous substance is the continuous phase, it is known as a water in oil emulsion.

pharmaceutical emulsions for which official standards have been promulgated include cod liver oil emulsion, cod liver oil emulsion with malt, liquid petrolatum emulsion and phenolphthalein in liquid petrolatum emulsion.

Origin: L. Emulsio, emulsum

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... fact that there were nonpolar solvents, it was proven that one could suspend or “mix” lipids that are nonpolar in an aqueous solution by making an emulsion. Two types of emulsions tests were performed; temporary and permanent. This emulsification test was performed by using water and soap water ...

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A Critique of the Molecular Composition of Milk

... and build from there. So a thank you in advance to anyone who could offer a critique. This is how I understand things so far: Milk is an emulsion of fat molecules in water. Unhomogenized milk is unstable due to the large groupings of fat molecules rising to the top. The fat is less dense ...

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... Synthesis and characterization of hollow polymer latex particles. latex particles with a multihollow structure were prepared by seeded emulsion polymerization. They use seeds in making plastic. haven't patients stated they feel granules and seeds? http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/abstract/107639399/ABSTRACT?CRETRY ...

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... alcohol-based stuff like ethanolic extracts into aqueous environment, so it will dissolved completely. In our body system, we have bile to do this emulsion ;)

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osmotic gradient.

... to look at is the formula for osmotic pressure: pi = C R T The C stands for concentration of the solution and since unsolved substance makes an emulsion or suspension those moles do nothing towards the osmotic pressure.

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