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Pertaining to Holland, or to its inhabitants. Dutch auction. See Auction. Dutch cheese, a small, pound, hard cheese, made from skim milk. Dutch clinker, a kind of brick made in Holland. It is yellowish, very hard, and long and narrow in shape.

(Science: botany) dutch clover, a species of horsetail rush or equisetum (E. Hyemale) having a rough, siliceous surface, and used for scouring and polishing; called also scouring rush, and shave grass. See equisetum. Dutch tile, a glazed and painted ornamental tile, formerly much exported, and used in the jambs of chimneys and the like.

dutch was formerly used for german. Germany is slandered to have sent none to this war [the Crusades] at this first voyage; and that other pilgrims, passing through that country, were mocked by the dutch, and called fools for their pains. (Fuller)

Origin: D. Duitsch German; or g. Deutsch, orig, popular, national, od. Dietsc, MHG. Diutsch, tiutsch, OHG. Diutisk, fr. Diot, diota, a people, a nation; akin to as. Peod, os. Thiod, thioda, goth. Piuda; cf. Lith. Tauta land, OIr. Tuath people, Oscan touto. The english have applied the name especially to the germanic people living nearest them, the Hollanders. Cf. Derrick, teutonic.

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... (The scientific study of animal behavior, especially as it occurs in a natural environment ) Dawkins studied zoology under Niko Tinbergen, the Dutch Nobel prize-winning ethologist . Tinbergen had already outlined his idea that plants and animals could be described as survival machines for genes. ...

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... on both front ends. I'd not think too much about the cut that runs lengthwise over the nose, that's probably the spade's doing. We live in the Dutch town of Hardenberg, near the German border, if that's of any use... peugeot407

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I have a feeling I've read somewhere that the beautiful still life paintings done by Dutch artists in the 17th Century actually took months and months to complete, because they bouquets contain flowers that did not all bloom at the same time. So the artist would start ...

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