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1. To beat a drum with sticks; to beat or play a tune on a drum.

2. To beat with the fingers, as with drumsticks; to beat with a rapid succession of strokes; to make a noise like that of a beaten drum; as, the ruffed grouse drums with his wings. Drumming with his fingers on the arm of his chair. (W. Irving)

3. To throb, as the heart.

4. To go about, as a drummer does, to gather recruits, to draw or secure partisans, customers, etc,; with for.

Origin: Drummed; drumming.

1. An instrument of percussion, consisting either of a hollow cylinder, over each end of which is stretched a piece of skin or vellum, to be beaten with a stick; or of a metallic hemisphere (kettledrum) with a single piece of skin to be so beaten; the common instrument for marking time in martial music; one of the pair of tympani in an orchestra, or cavalry band. The drums cry bud-a-dub. (Gascoigne)

2. Anything resembling a drum in form; as: a sheet iron radiator, often in the shape of a drum, for warming an apartment by means of heat received from a stovepipe, or a cylindrical receiver for steam, etc.

a small cylindrical box in which figs, etc, are packed.

(Science: anatomy) a cylinder on a revolving shaft, generally for the purpose of driving several pulleys, by means of belts or straps passing around its peri 97c phery; also, the barrel of a hoisting machine, on which the rope or chain is wound.

3. (Science: zoology) see drumfish.

4. A noisy, tumultuous assembly of fashionable people at a private house; a rout. Not unaptly styled a drum, from the noise and emptiness of the entertainment. (Smollett)

there were also drum major, rout, tempest, and hurricane, differing only in degrees of multitude and uproar, as the significant name of each declares.

5. A tea party; a kettledrum. Bass drum. Double drum. See double.

Origin: cf. D. Trom, trommel, LG. Trumme, g. Trommel, dan. Tromme, Sw. Trumma, OHG. Trumba a trumpet, Icel. Pruma a clap of thunder, and as a verb, to thunder, dan. Drum a booming sound, drumme to boom; prob. Partly at least of imitative origin; perh. Akin to E. Trum, or trumpet.

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