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(1) (anatomy) Of, toward, in, on, or near the back (or any analogous bodily reference) of an organism.

(2) (zoology) Of, or pertaining to, the dorsum.

(3) (botany) Of or on the surface away from the axis; abaxial.


Dorsal is an anatomical term used to refer to the position of a body part in an organism (plant or animal). It is used in contrast to the term ventral.

In vertebrates, the dorsal part of the animal usually is where the backbone is located.

Word origin: from Latin dorsālis, dorsum, back

Related forms: dorsally (adverb)

Compare: ventral

See also: dorsad

Related term:

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Look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Human_anatomy_planes.svg You will see that you will need Transverse section in order to see both Dorsal and Ventral anything. For the second one it probably would depend on the shape of the cavity, so I would choose Midsagital, because it divides equally.

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Directional Terms

Does anyone know the answer to this question? In what type of section is it possible to observe both dorsal and ventral cavities in the same section? __________ and __________ Terms: midsagittal, frontal, transverse, parasagittal, and sagittal

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... of the events requires a motor neuron? a) 1 and 2 b) 2 and 3 c) 1 and 3 d) 1,2, and 3 3. Shingles is caused by Herpes Zoster infection of the dorsal root ganglia. This disease would affect a) Motor impulses moving into the spinal cord b) Motor impulses moving out of the spinal cord c) Sensory ...

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... the one that connects the skin to the CNS? I always thought it was the primary afferent neurons but I've also got a source which states that the dorsal root ganglions also play a role in this. After all, since it's a pseudounipolar ganglion, the distal process could be the one that connects to ...

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... still remains) Notochord (for movement or other functions in other chordates) Pharyngeal slits (become a variety of other structures like gills) Dorsal Nerve Chord (the spinal chord and brain in vertebrates) There are more specific features for vertebrates; lensed eyes (similar to gastropod and ...

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