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1. a teacher; one skilled in a profession, or branch of knowledge learned man. One of the doctors of Italy, Nicholas Macciavel. (Bacon)

2. An academical title, originally meaning a men so well versed in his department as to be qualified to teach it. Hence: One who has taken the highest degree conferred by a university or college, or has received a diploma of the highest degree; as, a doctor of divinity, of law, of medicine, of music, or of philosophy. Such diplomas may confer an honorary title only.

3. One duly licensed to practice medicine; a member of the medical profession; a physician. By medicine life may be prolonged, yet death Will seize the doctor too. (Shak)

4. Any mechanical contrivance intended to remedy a difficulty or serve some purpose in an exigency; as, the doctor of a calico-printing machine, which is a knife to remove superfluous colouring matter; the doctor, or auxiliary engine, called also donkey engine.

5. (Science: zoology) The friar skate. Doctors Commons. See Commons. Doctors stuff, physic, medicine.

(Science: zoology) doctor fish, any fish of the genus Acanthurus; the surgeon fish; so called from a sharp lancetlike spine on each side of the tail. Also called barber fish. See surgeon fish.

Origin: OF. Doctur, L. Doctor, teacher, fr. Docere to teach. See Docile.

6. to treat as a physician does; to apply remedies to; to repair; as, to doctor a sick man or a broken cart.

7. to confer a doctorate upon; to make a doctor.

8. to tamper with and arrange for one's own purposes; to falsify; to adulterate; as, to doctor election returns; to doctor whisky.

Origin: Doctored; Doctoring.

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... aroundL I could see AND feel them. Convinced I had scabies, I went to the Emergency of a hospital and told them what I thought I had. The idiotic doctor didn't bother to check my skin and just went on to prescribe ivermectin. By then I was going quiet nuts and took a slightly higher than necessary ...

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... it) 2) 50% chance of them having it 3) It would be stupid to do it by yourself, but if you are not satisfied by your first surgery, go see a doctor to see what could be done (plastic surgeon?) Yes it is quite clearly and well defined on wikipedia also.

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... you are interested in research so I think this would suit you.. :-) (I myself am a medical aspirant amd very much interested in the medical career(Doctor!!)) Biomedicine would do soo much good to the world! Obviously,the choice is yours-I am just suggesting..;-) And sorry for the late reply-I recently ...

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UTI Issue, Need Help

maybe you should ask your doctor to do that

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UTI Issue, Need Help

... could have been a cross contamination issue i don't know how likely that is because i am not a biologist I never had a urine culture done by a doctor. Any help is appreciated.

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