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Dna polymerase

Dna polymerase

(Science: enzyme molecular biology) enzymes involved in template directed synthesis of dna from deoxyribonucleotide triphosphates.

i, II and III are known in E. Coli, III appears to be most important in genome replication and i is important for its ability to edit out unpaired bases at the end of growing strands. Animal cells have and polymerases, with apparently responsible for replication of nuclear dna and for replication of mitochondrial. All these function with a dna strand as template. Retroviruses possess a unique dna polymerase (reverse transcriptase) that uses an rna template.

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Good day :) We know that: The TATA box is the sequence in DNA found in the promoter region of genes in archaea and eukaryotes that is responsible for recognizing the RNA-polymerase. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TATA_box I read this article about ...

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I agree with Jack. Polymerase adds bases by elongating from the 3' end of a nucleic acid strand which is ... making parallel complementary transcripts from opposite strands of an antiparallel DNA duplex. OK, there might be something new for us to learn about here. To reiterate ...

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... does not answer your question. MgCl2 is a required cofactor for the Taq Polymerase to work. The activity of the Taq polymerase is sensitive to the ... as compared with the original sequence. MgCl2 also can stabilize dsDNA structures. Manipulation of MgCl2 concentration (increasing it) is often ...

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