Origin: f. Divinite, L. Divinitas. See divine.

1. The state of being divine; the nature or essence of God; deity; godhead. When he attributes divinity to other things than god, it is only a divinity by way of participation. (bp. Stillingfleet)

2. The Deity; the supreme Being; god. This the divinity that within us. (Addison)

3. A pretended deity of pagans; a false god. Beastly divinities, and droves of gods. (Prior)

4. A celestial being, inferior to the supreme god, but superior to man. God . . . Employing these subservient divinities. (Cheyne)

5. Something divine or superhuman; supernatural power or virtue; something which inspires awe. They say there is divinity in odd numbers. (Shak) There's such divinity doth hedge a king. (Shak)

6. The science of divine things; the science which treats of god, his laws and moral government, and the way of salvation; theology. Divinity is essentially the first of the professions. (Coleridge) ase divinity, casuistry.

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