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Disc sequestration

(Science: radiology) Complete separation of disc material with rupture through posterior longitudinal ligament into the epidural space; free fragment herniation findings: migration superiorly/inferiorly with compression of nerve roots above/below the level of herniation, disc material noted more than 9mm from disc space differential diagnosis: postoperative scarring (retraction of thecal sac to the site of surgery), epidural abscess/tumour, conjoined nerve root: 2 nerve roots arising simultaneously from the thecal sac; normal variant in 1-3% see: degenerative disc disease

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I did an experiment in the lab where we punched out leaf discs, flooded the discs with baking soda via a syringe , then placed in a beaker with water and then recorded the time it took for each disc to rise after being placed in the light box. My results ...

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Hello Stip, I have an adjusted protocol for intervertebral discs. This assay estimates the amount of hydroxyproline, which has been shown to account for approximately 14% the amino acids in collagen. Materials: Hydroxyproline Standard - 1-5 µg/2 0.001N ...

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... I am now 60 years old. After 2 head injuries (concussions) 30 days apart, it became life threatening. The second head injury caused 5 herniated discs in my neck, the worst being at C7. However, T4 and T5 are the ones that cause me the stomach trouble. Did you know that head and back injuries ...

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... of: veins, capillaries, venules, arteries, or the coronary sinus? 3) The myocardium does not contain which of the following: intercalated discs, conduction (Purkinje) fibers, sarcomeres, visceral pericardium, trabeculae carne I am pulling my hair out with these three. I will try to get ...

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Re: water movement in xylem

... the sugar throughout the plant body . The tracheids, vessel elements, and sieve-cells are all lines with pits and have perforations and open discs for transport. Xylem does have lignified cell walls, but they're covered in the pits for diffusion. 2) You have it pretty spot-on with tracheids. ...

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