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(Science: genetics, cell biology)

A cell or an organism consisting of two sets of chromosomes: usually, one set from the mother and another set from the father. In a diploid state the haploid number is doubled, thus, this condition is also known as 2n.


Of or pertaining to a diploid, that is a cell or an organism with two sets of chromosomes.


An example of a cell in a diploid state is a somatic cell. In humans, the somatic cells typically contain 46 chromosomes in contrast to human haploid gametes (egg and sperm cells) that have only 23 chromosomes.

Word origin: from Greek diplous, double + -OID
Related forms: diploidic (adjective), diploidy (noun)
Compare: polyploid, haploid
See also: chromosomes, ploidy

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... is replication of the chromosomes and they line up in homologous pairs 'head to toe'. Cell division occurs and 2 daughter cells are produced both diploid cells. From these 2 daughter cells the chromatids are pulled apart and then cell divison occurs once more producing 4 daughter cells (haploid ...

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