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Dihybrid cross



A genetic cross between individuals with different alleles for two gene loci of interest


Dihybrid cross as used by the geneticist, Gregor Mendel, helped him to formulate his Law of Independent Assortment.

Word origin: Greek di- (two, twice, double)


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... the Cre lox method for knocking out the gene in the mice. I need to cross the parents and I would like what would be their progeny like, the ... 25% Gene B Cre/+ ??? or I need to do the 16 square Punnett for this dihybrid cross? if so what would be the possibilities? Thank you in advance ...

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Somatic Fusion and Reproduction

... of both cell donors at the same time? Or is it similar to a dihybrid cross, where some plants would show one characteristic and another one another? Which leads ...

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What is true breeding?

... Is it something like this: RR x RR or RR x rr Rr x Rr is a mono hybrid cross, and RrBb x RrBb is a dihybrid cross correct?

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Determining (P) plants from F2 data

... Here is the problem from the lab: Materials: F2 generation corn ears (dihybrid cross) Proceedure Two breeding parental (P) corn strains were crossed by dusting the flowers ...

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Genetics (dihybrid cross and Punnet sqares)

Just do a dihybrid cross utilizing a Punnet Square: HC and hc. Then work in the percentages you got from the results based on the ...

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