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1. To pass from an animate to a lifeless state; to cease to live; to suffer a total and irreparable loss of action of the vital functions; to become dead; to expire; to perish; said of animals and vegetables; often with of, by, with, from, and rarely for, before the cause or occasion of death; as, to die of disease or hardships; to die by fire or the sword; to die with horror at the thought. To die by the roadside of grief and hunger. (Macaulay) She will die from want of care. (Tennyson)

2. To suffer death; to lose life. In due time christ died for the ungodly. (Rom. V. 6)

3. To perish in any manner; to cease; to become lost or extinct; to be extinguished. Letting the secret die within his own breast. (Spectator) Great deeds can not die. (Tennyson)

4. To sink; to faint; to pine; to languish, with weakness, discouragement, love, etc. His heart died within, and he became as a stone. (1 sam. Xxv. 37) The young men acknowledged, in love letters, that they died for Rebecca. (Tatler)

5. To become indifferent; to cease to be subject; as, to die to pleasure or to sin.

6. To recede and grow fainter; to become imperceptible; to vanish; often with out or away. Blemishes may die away and disappear amidst the brightness. (Spectator)

7. To disappear gradually in another surface, as where moldings are lost in a sloped or curved face.

Synonym: to expire, decease, perish, depart 4f9 , vanish.

Origin: oe. Deyen, dien, of Scand. Origin; cf. Icel. Deyja; akin to dan. Doe, Sw. Do, goth. Diwan (cf. Goth. Afdjan to harass), OFries. Dia to kill, os. Doian to die, OHG. Touwen, OSlav. Daviti to choke, lith. Dovyti to torment. Cf. Dead, death.

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