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Having the middle lower than the border; concave. If the seal be depress or hollow. (Hammond)

Origin: L. Depressus, p. P.

1. To press down; to cause to sink; to let fall; to lower; as, to depress the muzzle of a gun; to depress the eyes. With lips depressed.

2. To bring down or humble; to abase, as pride.

3. To cast a gloom upon; to sadden; as, his spirits were depressed.

4. To lessen the activity of; to make dull; embarrass, as trade, commerce, etc.

5. To lessen in price; to cause to decline in value; to cheapen; to depreciate.

6. (Science: mathematics) to reduce (an equation) in a lower degree. To depress the pole, to cause the sidereal pole to appear lower or nearer the horizon, as by sailing toward the equator.

Synonym: to sink, lower, abase, cast down, deject, humble, degrade, dispirit, discourage.

Origin: L. Depressus, p. P. Of deprimere; de- _ premere to press. See press.

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