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Dictionary » D » Denominator



1. One who, or that which, gives a name; origin or source of a name. This opinion that Aram . . . Was the father and denomination of the Syrians in general. (Sir W. Raleigh)

2. (Science: mathematics) That number placed below the line in vulgar fractions which shows into how many parts the integer or unit is divided.

thus, in 3/5, 5 is the denominator, showing that the integer is divided into five parts; and the numerator, 3, shows how many parts are taken.

3. (Science: mathematics) That part of any expression under a fractional form which is situated below the horizontal line signifying division.

in this sense, the denominator is not necessarily a number, but may be any expression, either positive or negative, real or imaginary.

Origin: cf. F. Denominateur.

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... of it all renders the possibility of non-reality pointless. See what I'm saying? It's like having the same variable in both the numerator and the denominator. They cancel each other out. Until something empirically calls into question the reality of what we know, there's no point in speculating ...

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... protein levels. Your formula in 2 can't be correct. As written it reduces to 100/[nucleic acid]. You're not far off, but you need to change the denominator. You may think of another way to do it after reading the information in the link above. An additional warning: if you are going to estimate ...

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The Fiber Disease

I was wondering if there is any common denominator amoung individuals effected with this creepy crawly crap. Prehaps blood type? I am O neg.

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... ** So many with Lyme, Chronic Fatigue and other emgerging disease/s to include the Fiber Disease, have Thyroid problems. That, IMO, is the common denominator -( Fiber sufferers have in common) If you don't think you have a problem with your thyroid, I'll post about a book I read on the subject. ...

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