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1. Having certain or distinct; determinate in extent or greatness; limited; fixed; as, definite dimensions; a definite measure; a definite period or interval. Elements combine in definite proportions. (Whewell)

2. Having certain limits in signification; determinate; certain; precise; fixed; exact; clear; as, a definite word, term, or expression.

3. Determined; resolved.

4. Serving to define or restrict; limiting; determining; as, the definite article. Definite article, the essential law of chemical combination that every definite compound always contains the same elements in the same proportions by weight; and, if two or more elements form more than one compound with each other, the relative proportions of each are fixed. Compare law of multiple proportions, under multiple.

Origin: L. Definitis, p. P. Of definire: cf. F. Defini. See define.

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We all have had tails - they develop in the embryo but are resorbed (not in all cases, the ones that have some appearance at birth), and they are definitely tails. Tails (post-anal) are a shared feature of all mammals, and the embryonic persistence is definite evidence of shared ancestry.

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... environment. . . Determinism is a global thesis; a world is determined if the following three conditions obtain: 1) at all times the world has a definite state, which can, in principle, be fully described 2) there are laws of nature which are the same in all times and places of the world 3) given ...

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Substrate crystalization

... concentration of substrates in a cell the substrates could become crystalized, i forgot where i read it maybe in my text book or on the web but im definite that was what it said. Could someone please confirm whether this information is true? I plan to use it in my exams. :D

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