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1. Deprived of life; opposed to alive and living; reduced to that state of a being in which the organs of motion and life have irrevocably ceased to perform their functions; as, a dead tree; a dead man. The queen, my lord, is dead. The crew, all except himself, were dead of hunger. (Arbuthnot) Seek him with candle, bring him dead or living. (Shak)

2. Destitute of life; inanimate; as, dead matter.

3. Resembling death in appearance or quality; without show of life; deathlike; as, a dead sleep.

4. Still as death; motionless; inactive; useless; as, dead calm; a dead load or weight.

5. So constructed as not to transmit sound; soundless; as, a dead floor.

6. Unproductive; bringing no gain; unprofitable; as, dead capital; dead stock in trade.

7. Lacking spirit; dull; lusterless; cheerless; as, dead eye; dead fire; dead colour, etc.

8. Monotonous or unvaried; as, a dead level or pain; a dead wall. The ground is a dead flat.

9. Sure as death; unerring; fixed; complete; as, a dead shot; a dead certainty. I had them a dead bargain. (Goldsmith)

10. Bringing death; deadly.

11. Wanting in religious spirit and vitality; as, dead faith; dead works. Dead in trespasses.

12. Flat; without gloss; said of painting which has been applied purposely to have this effect. Not brilliant; not rich; thus, brown is a dead colour, as compared with crimson.

13. Cut off from the rights of a citizen; deprived of the power of enjoying the rights of property; as, one banished or becoming a monk is civilly dead.

14. (Science: machinery) Not imparting motion or power; as, the dead spindle of a lathe, etc. See spindle. Dead ahead, a wind directly ahead, or opposed to the ships course. to be dead, to die. I deme thee, thou must algate be dead. (Chaucer)

Synonym: inanimate, deceased, extinct. See Lifeless.

Origin: oe. Ded, dead, deed, as. Dead; akin to os. Dd, D. Dood, g. Todt, tot, Icel. Daur, Sw.

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... a gene therapy mouse experiment for which we will be injecting mice with our viral construct. Unfortunately, the syringe we are using has a dead volume of about 60ul which adds up to quite a lot of waste. As a result, I'm looking for a new syringe or syringe tip. So far in talking with colleagues ...

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Help! ANT COLLONY!! I have a QUEEN ANT --- now what?

... water over them, so you don't introduce any parasites into your colony. Especially if you want to feed them spiders, make sure they are quite dead, otherwise it's more likely that it would feed on your ants. If you see that they struggle to open the insects or ignore them more or less, try ...

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Cannibalistic fishes in lake inside cave

... virtually none left and the population has to age and many die before there is room for more fry to grow. Either the fish themselves would eat the dead fish, or some other organism in the cave would, which would probably in turn be eaten by the fish. If there is nothing in the cave capable of ingesting ...

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Human Limits and how to Surpass Them

... assuming perfect control over the human form, how would you fix or improve it? As for my research I have found very little, I found mention of dead space in the human lungs which limits the amount of air that can actually be used in the respiration process, but there was also mention of some ...

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Why does the floem gets affected when the bark gets damaged?

*phloem! The phloem cells are loving cells, whilst the xylem are formed of dead cells. The xylem are on the inside of the vascular bundles, and eventually are used to create the dead heartwood at the centre of the trees. This means the phloem are always on the ...

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