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1. Injury or harm to person, property, or reputation; an inflicted loss of value; detriment; hurt; mischief. He that sendeth a message by the hand of a fool cutteth off the feet and drinketh damage. (Prov. Xxvi. 6) Great errors and absurdities many commit for want of a friend to tell them of them, to the great damage both of their fame and fortune. (Bacon)

2. The estimated reparation in money for detriment or injury sustained; a compensation, recompense, or satisfaction to one party, for a wrong or injury actually done to him by another.

in common-law action, the jury are the proper judges of damages. Consequential damage. See Consequential. Exemplary damages, those given for a violation of a right where no actual loss has accrued. Vindictive damages, those given specially for the punishment of the wrongdoer.

Synonym: Mischief, injury, harm, hurt, detriment, evil, ill. See Mischief.

Origin: OF. Damage, domage, f. Dommage, fr. Assumed LL. Damnaticum, from L. Damnum damage. See damn.

to ocassion damage to the soudness, goodness, or value of; to hurt; to injure; to impair. He . . . Came up to the english admiral and gave him a broadside, with which he killed many of his men and damaged the ship. (Clarendon)

Origin: cf. OF. Damagier, domagier. See damage.

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age and cumulative impact of carcinogens

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Transmission of HIV by sexual contact

... blood, which means you must have injured mucosa at your genitals. That's why is anal sex much more dangerous because there is higher risk of such damages.

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Life span of DNA

... quality that it could be sequenced. DNA can stick around forever, as long as it is in the right conditions. DNA get damaged or repaired. The DNA damages proposes that aging is a consequence of unrepaired DNA damage accumulation. Damage in this context is a DNA alteration that has an abnormal ...

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