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noun, plural: cytosols

(1) The liquid component of the cytoplasm surrounding the organelles and other insoluble cytoplasmic structures in an intact cell where a wide variety of cell processes take place.

(2) The aqueous portion of the cytoplasm in an intact cell consisting of water, organic molecules and dissolved ions.


The cytosol serves as the site where many chemical reactions take place. In prokaryotes, it is where most metabolic reactions take place. In eukaryotes, it is where the organelles and other cytoplasmic structures are suspended.

Word origin: cyto- + sol(ution).
Related forms: cytosolic (adjective)


Compare: cytoplasm.

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Re: Purpose of a primase/polymerase localized to the cytosol?

Hi, I have some naïve thoughts about this situation: If it is an RNA pol, it may be helping maintain/regulate RNA levels in cytosol by e.g. recharging decaying RNA levels in cytosols for extended translation. If it is a DNA pol, it might be a long surviving vestigial remnant of bacterial ...

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Purpose of a primase/polymerase localized to the cytosol?

... "PrimPol, an Archaic Primase/Polymerase Operating in Human Cells" by Garcia-Gomez et al. This polymerase was largely localized to the cytosol - I'm wondering if anyone has ideas as to why that would be the case or what the purpose of a primase/polymerase localized to the cytosol would ...

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also, they have some some membrane cavities (sorry, I don't remember the actual name) and the DNA is not that freely in the cytosol, but rather in something called nucleoid.

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Re: Animal cell nucleus shape changes

... of the way; the nuclear membrane disappears for a while. Transcription occurs in the nucleus, but then the mRNA is moved out of the nucleus to the cytosol where translation takes place. Chromatin is an important part of the contents of the nucleus, but other structures (for instance splicosomes) ...

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Re: Theories - Origin of Life

... efflux of tetracyclines carried out by by transmembrane spanning proteins which results in reduction of the concentration of tetracycline in the cytosol: (II) ribosomal protection, whereby tetracyclines no longer bind productively to the bacterial ribosome; or (III) chemical modification requiring ...

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