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The division of the cytoplasm and the plasma membrane following the division of the nucleus resulting into two cells, each having its own nucleus and cytoplasm surrounded by a plasma membrane.


This process begins during the late stage of mitosis (Telophase) and meiosis (Telophase II). In animal cells (and in some plant cells) it is marked by a constriction of the cell membrane called the cleavage furrow. In most plant cells it happens when an expanding cell plate forms across the center of the cytoplasm called the phragmoplast.

Word origin: Greek kyto-, comb. form of kýtos container, receptacle, body + Greek kīnēsis, movement.

Related forms: cytokinetic (adjective).

Compare: karyokinesis.
See also: mitosis.

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... the cytoskelaton disassembles to make the mitotic spindle, the organelles just float around and they can float into the daughter cell right before cytokinesis occurs, but I'm curious to know how the cells make more organelles if they have too few or something. Thanks!

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... The cfu and od measurement are not useful for mycelial fungi such as Trichoderma spp. the growth of which takes place by apical extension without cytokinesis (cell division). One or a 1000 distinct fungal cells can give 1 cfu. Similarly serial dilution is invalid procedure to reduce inoculum concentration. ...

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... might mitosis be thought of as cellular immortality? I don't know if this may help, but I do know that once the sister daughter cells are formed (cytokinesis) they enter interphase and the whole cycle repeats.

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