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noun, plural: crops

(1) (botany) A plant grown to be harvested for agricultural use.
(2) (botany) The total amount of plant material that can be harvested in a specified area at a given time.
(3) (agriculture) (A partial measure of) the total yield of such produce for a given season or place.
(4) (zoology) A pouch-like part of the alimentary tract of some animals, especially of birds, where food is partially digested and stored for regurgitation to nestlings.
(5) (general) A group or collection of things occurring at the same time.


(1) To plant, grow, harvest or yield a crop.
(2) To feed on growing herbage or grasses.
(3) To cut the top or ends of.


Word origin: Old English crop ‘head or top of a sprout or herb’.

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