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Conformational map

Conformational map --> ramachandran plot

a graphical representation in which the dihedral angle of rotation about the alpha-carbon to carbonyl-carbon bond in polypeptides is plotted against the dihedral angle of rotation about the alpha-carbon to nitrogen bond.

Synonym: conformational map.

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... bond formations can proceed ` faster rate with ATP ` without any concern for error in 3 dimensional structure of the protein .. GTP is coupled to conformational changes of translational machinery. GTP important for making reactions ` irreversible but accurate` GTP is important for fidelity of ...

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Vaccine for HIV

... viruses. Furthermore, the functionally important epitopes of the gp120 protein are masked by glycosylation, trimerisation and receptor-induced conformational changes making it difficult to block with neutralising antibodies. The ineffectiveness of previously developed vaccines primarily stems ...

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question regarding the Bohr effect and Haldane effect

... curve to the right. Protons (H+) cause the Bohr effect by binding to a respiratory pigmentat at a specific site...Proton binding causes a conformational change in the respiratory pigment protein that alters its oxygen affinity." ? would It be accurate to view the two as the same process ...

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... (second messenger). The myosin fibers (on actin) are blocked by tropomyosin which is anchored by troponin. Ca2+ binds to troponin causing a conformational change thus moving tropomyosin allowing the myosin binding site to become open. These binding sites form a cross bridge with actin with ...

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Protein bonding(antigens)

... or protein is the three-dimensional arrangement of the atoms within a single polypeptide chain. For a polypeptide consisting of a single conformational folding pattern (e.g., an alpha helix only), the secondary and tertiary structure may be one and the same. Also, for a protein composed ...

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