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(1) (chemistry, physics) The process or the state of changing a substance from gas to liquid or solid

(2) (chemistry) A chemical reaction in which the joining of two organic compounds results in the production and release of water, ammonia, simple alcohol, or other molecules

(3) (molecular biology) The process of compacting molecules, as by DNA condensation

(4) (dentistry) A technique or process of removing water to ensure that the crown or dental filling is firm, thoroughly compacted, and with minimal void space


Condensation is the process resulting in the formation of fog, dew, clouds, and other forms of atmospheric vapour. Many living things derive their water requirement mainly from water vapour produced through condensation.


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Re: Number of water molecules produced by cellular respiration

... In that powerpoint they show that the aldolase enzyme executing a reverse aldol condensation that consumes one water molecule per Dihydroxyacetone produced during the splitting of one fructose 1,6 bis phosphate. So with the 2 consumed ...

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Apoptosis in the substantia nigra

... four normal aged subjects. Morphological characteristics of apoptosis, such as contact loss with surrounding tissues, cell shrinkage and chromatin condensation, were found in 2% of the total number of melanized neurons analyzed. Although endoplasmic reticulum appeared normal, mitochrondria were ...

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Molecular gene (genome) concept scientifically untenable

... The cell membrane also loses symmetry and detaches from the cytoskeleton, which leads to cell shrinkage, nuclear fragmentation, chromatin condensation, chromosomal DNA fragmentation, and the eventual damaging of the cell’s genome. All these processes make it harder for the cell’s transcription ...

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chemical reactions condensation enzymes whatever

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Organelles in animal cells and lipid synthesis

... wall are only found in plants can someone also explain how does lipid synthesis take place fully. I know for starters that lipids are made from a condensation reaction between glycerol(propane-1,2,3-triol) and 3 fatty acids but does all of this take place in the smooth ER or does some of it take ...

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