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noun, plural: commensals

The organism that benefits from commensalism and does not bring any considerable injury or harm (nor benefit) to the host.


Of or pertaining to commensalism.


Examples of commensals are the epiphytes on trees and the barnacles on the shell of the scallops.

Word origin: Latin com- (together) + mensa (table)

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Is Strep mitis a member of the Strep Viridans species

"Steptocococus viridans" (viridans group) is a nontaxonomic grouping of commensal, alpha or gamma hemolytic strep that do not possess Lancefield antigens. Streptoccoccus mitis possesses these characteristics and can be considered within this group.

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MicroBiology HW help I am new to it

... in their condition due to a reduction in the inflammation in the bowels. This is an example of a __________ relationship. A. Mutalistic B. Commensal C. Parasitic D. Opportunistic E. Pathogenic What I answered on my paper is B, but I still am not sure about my answer. Can someone correct ...

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Exciting brain teaser problem

... cause quite some problems. But considering your starting point I would put them in the normal flora. Which leaves you with 2 pathogens and 2 commensal. I do not know your lab and the conditions, but if I had to suspect contamination, S. aureus would be my favourite guess. You could also decide ...

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Name game

Staphylococcus capra e - human skin commensal

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The Fiber Disease

Tam: Explain how this can be you..... The systemic disease you suffer from is caused by a set commensal resembling quorum sensing made micro organisms. Its base architecture is a cyanobacterium fused with a mayor parasitic protozoa (to include cyclical and variant glycoprotein ...

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