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The act, state or process of sticking together.

(physics) The intermolecular force that holds together alike molecules in a substance.

(chemistry) The binding together of alike molecules.

(botany) The congenital union of the same parts of plants.


In chemistry and physics, cohesion refers to the sticking together of alike molecules, such as water molecule being attracted to another water molecule. Cohesion also causes water molecules to form drops.

Together with adhesion, It helps to explain the occurrence of surface tension and capillary action.

In botany, cohesion pertains to the fusion of plant parts, such as in syncarpy.

Word origin: From Latin cohaesus, past participle of cohaerēre, to cling together.
Related forms: cohesive (adjective), cohesively (adverb)

Compare: adhesion
See also: surface tension

Related term: Cohesion Tension Theory

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