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Clotting time



The time it takes for a blood sample to clot or coagulate in vitro, especially through capillary tube method used to diagnose if clotting or coagulating disorders are present.


This is especially monitored in individuals with clotting disorders such as those suffering from hemophilia, obstructive jaundice, anemia, leukaemia, some infectious diseases, etc.

Synonym: coagulation time

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However, I have read that bartonellosis can sometimes become chronic, but I do not know if it can last for 5 years, which apparently ... your currency here]. Unfortunately those tests do not normally measure other clotting factors than thrombocytes. One useful test could also be antibodies against ...

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... unlikely? Transient bacteremia is possible in rare cases, such as sometimes with severe tooth infections that 'seep' bacteria into the blood stream. ... them. One of the more common ones in thrombocytopenia or lack of some clotting factors, which may slow down blood coagulation times and thus result ...

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Topic: What do you think these are, in my blood?
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... a microscope, do they usually add a chemical to keep the blood from clotting? Every time I check out my blood from a nose bleed, it ends up clotting before I manage to get a nice ...

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... that may also happen. In other words, does evolution (change over time) happen. Yes. So, in other words...you agree that beneficial mutations ... selection can't account for complex structures like eyes and blood clotting cascades because random mutation can't produce eyes or blood clotting ...

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Have they tested the clotting time of blood? Blood clot problems are one reason for nose bleeds and bleeding under the skin. As a kid I had ...

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