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noun, plural: cisternae

(general) A reservoir or tank for storing water, especially a tank for holding rainwater for later use.

(cell biology) A space containing fluid, such as those occurring between the membranes of flattened sacs of the Golgi apparatus and the endoplasmic reticulum, also between the two membranes of the nuclear envelope.

(anatomy) A reservoir or a closed space filled with body fluid like chyle, lymph, or cerebrospinal fluid.


In neuroanatomy, cisternae refer to any of the openings in the subarachnoid space of the brain filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Some of the major subarachnoid cisternae are:

Word origin: Latin cisterna, from cista (“‘box’”), from Ancient Greek kistē, “‘box’”.

Related forms: cisternal (adjective).
Other derived terms:

Synonym: cistern.

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... that proteins incorporate many sugars for signaling purposes: either glycoproteins or proteoglycans. For example: Secretory vesicles in the Golgi cisterna use mostly mannose, galactose, and NAG (N-Acetlyglucosamine) to make the necessary glycoproteins for export. Oh, and all those glycoproteins ...

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... it sound sooooo out of place here 8) 5. Which is not true regarding Golgi body? a. analogous to dictyosome in plant structure b. has two faces c. cisterna or forming faces toward endoplasmic reticulum d. involve in packaging and secretion of cell products e. located near cell membrane My answer: ...

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Yes. Trans-cisterna connects between RER to Golgi complex, to receive product from protein synthesis, then the protein undergoes glycosilation, step by step until it will transport to cis-cisterna for the final product. A vesicle ...

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