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noun, singular: chromatid

The two strands joined together by a single centromere, formed from the duplication of the chromosome during the early stages of cell division and then separate to become individual chromosomes during the late stages of cell division.


The term chromatid was proposed by Clarence Erwin McClung (1900) for each of the four threads making up a chromosome-pair during meiosis. It was later used also for mitosis.

Chromatids may be sister or non-sister chromatids.

When chromatids separate and move toward opposite poles of the cell, they are now referred to as daughter chromosomes.

Word origin: Greek khrōma, khrōmat-, color.

Related terms: sister chromatids, non-sister chromatid.

Compare: homologous chromosomes.
See also: centromere, meiosis, mitosis.

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... chromosomal centromeres, there are 46 centromeres total. After replication there are still 46 centromeres, but the mass of DNA and number of chromatids have doubled (and so you get the X-shaped chromosomes you typically see in textbook cartoons). At this point you have twice the number of ...

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In the cell cycle, at which stages do two chromatids make up one chromosome? (Can be multiple answers) a. beginning of mitosis b. end of G1 phase c. beginning of S (Synthesis) d. end of mitosis e. beginning of G2 phase

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... with this question. It says Crossing-over involves the exchange of genetic information between which of the following: sex chromosomes, sister chromatids, chromatids, homologues. I chose homologues seeing the answers should be non-sister chromatids but research suggests homologous chromosomes. ...

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