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noun, plural: chlorophylls

The green pigment found in the chloroplasts of higher plants and in cells of photosynthetic microorganisms (e.g. photosynthetic bacteria), which is primarily involved in absorbing light energy for photosynthesis.


The chlorophyll best absorbs light in the blue and red while poor in the green portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The chlorophyll is a chlorin pigment with magnesium at the center of the chlorin ring. There are about five closely related chlorophylls:

Word origin: Greek chloros (green) and phyllon (leaf).

Also called: green pigment

Compare: carotenoid

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Why are leaves green?

Hello, leaves are green because of a compound called chlorophyll. The purpose of cholorphyll is to help plants in photo synthesis which the way plants make food.

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Bacterial Taxonomy

... branching bacteria are all autotrophs. For example, the Chloroflexi are the green nonsulfur bacteria , which are phototrophs containing bacteriochlorophyll. Why do deeply branching bacteria prefer conditions similar to what the early Earth was like? Assuming that all taxonomic groups evolve ...

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Help with indentifying object - can't narrow to even kingdom

... objects appeared on my deck, following a heavy rain. When dry, they resemble seed pods. When saturated, they resemble grapes. They appear to be chlorophyll filled. If I rupture the membrane, they reduce to a gelatinous puddle with a dusty substance inside (spores?). If I place the 'pod' in water, ...

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How dominance works at the DNA/RNA/protein

... and discover that this locus corresponds to a stretch of DNA on, let’s say, chromosome 6 and it codes for a key enzyme required for production of chlorophyll (green pigment) in the coat of a pea seed (now it’s a gene. Note that trait loci can comprise of more than one gene!) You also discover ...

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Chlorophyll Fluorescence Problem

and where did you get that chlorophyll in leaves doesn't fluorescence?

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Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:24 am
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