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(1) A polymer of nitrogen-containing polysaccharide [(C8H13O5N)n] rendering a tough, protective covering or structural support in certain organisms.

(2) A polysaccharide which makes up the cell walls of fungi and exoskeleton of insects


Examples of organisms with chitin are the arthropods in their exoskeletons, some arachnids in their hard outer covering, molluscs in their radula, cephalopods in their beaks, and some fungi species in their cell walls.

Chitin resembles keratin (protein component in human hair and nails) in structural function. It differs from keratin through its carbohydrate (polysaccharide) structural component.

Word origin: Latin chit┼Źn, mollusk

Related forms: chitinous (adjective)

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Re: Help with indentifying object - can't narrow to even kingdom

... This giant cell moves, but only pictures taken over several days can show its progress. Its top speed is 1 mm per hour. Slime molds move, and lack chitin in their cell walls. They are now classified as belonging to the Kingdom Protista (Protoctista). Mycologists have studied them for so long that ...

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Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic

... and the animals (including humans as well). Plant and algal cells have cell walls which contain cellulose, while fungal cell have cell walls with chitin. Animal cells have never any kind of cell wall. Major difference between most plant and animal cells are not only the presence/absence of cell ...

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Chitosan Extraction

Kevin - sorry so late with a response - i missed your post. There's not so much chitosan in crab shell as chitin. to convert to chitosan, you'll need to deacetylate the chitin. You'd do this by heating in caustic (aq. NaOH). Washed rsidue (chityosan) can then be dissolved in ...

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Eukaryotes: Animalia - No cell wall Plantae - Cellulose Fungi - Chitin Protoctista - Sometimes a cell wall, polysaccharide Prokaryotes: Bacteria - Peptidoglycan Archaea - Sometimes a cell wall, but never peptidoglycan If you accidentally had Caps Lock on, ...

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Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:26 pm
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... nitrogen and proteins). So, how about the chytine?? does VFT excretes it out?? or it metabolizes that thing?? :? I think it doesn't even break the chitin down

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