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noun, plural catalyst

A substance capable of initiating or speeding up a chemical reaction.


Chemical reaction can proceed spontaneously even without a catalyst but it would be too slow. The presence of a catalyst can make chemical reactions proceed faster by a factor of several million times. The catalyst may be chemically transformed but only transiently during the reaction. By the end of the reaction, the catalyst is regenerated unchanged, and unconsumed in the reaction. An example of catalyst is an enzyme used by biological reactions.

Word origin: from catalysis ยป from Gk. kata "down" + -lysis "a loosening".

Related forms: catalytic (adjective), catalysis (noun), catalyze (verb).
Related terms: organic catalyst, raney catalyst.

Compare: inhibitor.

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Hey SHF, you're so right. The sun is only a catalyst in releasing Vitamin-D that is already in the body from food stuff. If i remember correctly (not attached) The stuff the turns into Vitamin-D just requires a certain amount of radiation to go ...

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... acids. When you think of chemical reaction conditions and energies, take temperature into account. At high temperatures things can go even w/o catalyst present, and pre-life Earth was quite harsh by todays standards.

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... some glycoside hydrolase would break the bond - It would probably couple ATP hydrolysis or NADH/FADH hydrolyis and use a positive magnesium ion catalyst. I'd have to find out more info and do a Gibbs on that one. I have no idea regarding the exact energy consumption. Does anyone else?

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How about: I want you like Hexokinase wants a magnesium catalyst.

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... Gram + Cell Shape rods and chains No motility favorite temp 37 no color on the Agar it is aerobic positive for glucose,and mannitol, MR test, and Catalyst Neg for vp It is also weak in for starch. I crossed out many of the choices due to the shape.. Here are the rest of the choices. Bacillus cereus, ...

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