Origin: oe. Botery, botry; cf. LL. Botaria wine vessel; also oe. Botelerie, fr. F. Bouteillerie, fr. Boutellie bottle. Not derived from butter. See bottle a hollow vessel, butt a cask.

1. An apartment in a house where butter, milk and other provisions are kept. All that need a cool and fresh temper, as cellars, pantries, and butteries, to the north. (Sir H. Wotton)

2. A room in some english colleges where liquors, fruit, and refreshments are kept for sale to the students. And the major Oxford kept the buttery bar. (E. Hall)

3. A cellar in which butts of wine are kept. Buttery hatch, a half door between the buttery or kitchen and the hall, in old mansions, over which provisions were passed.

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