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noun, plural: buds

(general) An immature or undeveloped structure that develops into a bodily structure or a new individual.

(biology) A small outgrowth from the parent organism, which becomes a new individual; a gemma.

(botany) A small swelling or protuberance on a stem or branch of a plant, containing the undeveloped shoot, leaf, or flower.

(zoology) A weaned calf on its first year, and whose horns are beginning to bud or form.

(anatomy) Any small rounded part.


In botany, buds may be classified according to function. A leaf bud develops into leaf, a flower bud into a flower, and a mixed bud yielding both leaves and flowers.

Word origin: Middle English budde.
Related forms: budding (noun or adjective)

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... Receptacle Part of flower stalk bearing the floral organs, at base of flower. Sepal Leaf-like structures at flower base, protects young flower bud. Calyx All the sepals together form the calyx. Petal Located in and above the sepals, often large and colourful, sometimes scented, sometimes producing ...

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... measure the concentration gradients of specific signaling molecules, such as Dpp in the Drosophila wing disc and Shh in the vertebrate limb bud (Day and Lawrence 2000). In immature small primordia, the gradients are steep and cells continue to grow and divide. Since the source of the gradient ...

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if you want to use known bacteria then get your hands on some ecoli and swab it on an agar plate or just wipe your arm pits with a cotton bud and wipe it on the agar plate you'll be suprised what turns up. :D :D :) :) :mrgreen:

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