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1. To convey to the place where the speaker is or is to be; to bear from a more distant to a nearer place; to fetch. And as she was going to fetch it, he called to her, and said, bring me, i pray thee, a morsel of bread. (1 kings xvii. 11) To France shall we convey you safe, And bring you back. (Shak)

2. To cause the accession or obtaining of; to procure; to make to come; to produce; to draw to. There is nothing will bring you more honor . . . Than to do what right in justice you may. (Bacon)

3. To convey; to move; to carry or conduct. In distillation, the water . . . Brings over with it some part of the oil of vitriol. (Sir i. Newton)

4. To persuade; to induce; to draw; to lead; to guide. It seems so preposterous a thing . . . That they do not easily bring themselves to it. (Locke) The nature of the things . . . Would not suffer him to think otherwise, how, or whensoever, he is brought to reflect on them. (Locke)

5. To produce in exchange; to sell for; to fetch; as, what does coal bring per ton? To bring about, to bring to pass; to effect; to accomplish. To bring back. To recall. To restore, as something borrowed, to its owner. To bring by the lee, to bend it to the yard. To bring to pass, to accomplish to effect. Trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. . To bring under, to subdue; to restrain; to reduce to obedience. To bring up. To carry upward; to nurse; to rear; to educate. To cause to stop suddenly.

Origin: by dropping the reflexive pronoun] to stop suddenly; to come to a standstill. To bring up (any one) with a round turn, to cause (any one) to stop abruptly. To be brought to bed. See bed.

Synonym: to fetch, bear, carry, convey, transport, import, procure, produce, cause, adduce, induce.

Origin: oe. Bringen, as. Bringan; akin to os. Brengian, D. Brengen, Fries. Brenga, OHG. Bringan, g. Bringen, goth. Briggan.

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