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1. To spot, stain, or bespatter, as with ink. The brief was writ and blotted all with gore. (Gascoigne)

2. To impair; to damage; to mar; to soil. It blots thy beauty, as frosts do bite the meads. (Shak)

3. To stain with infamy; to disgrace. Blot not thy innocence with guiltless blood. (Rowe)

4. To obliterate, as writing with ink; to cancel; to efface; generally with out; as, to blot out a word or a sentence. Often figuratively; as, to blot out offenses. One act like this blots out a thousand crimes. (Dryden)

5. To obscure; to eclipse; to shadow. He sung how earth blots the moons gilded wane. (Cowley)

6. To dry, as writing, with blotting paper.

Synonym: to obliterate, expunge, erase, efface, cancel, tarnish, disgrace, blur, sully, smear, smutch.

Origin: cf. Dan. Plette. See blot.

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