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An early form of an embryo undergoing developmental processes, such as cleavage. It is marked by the presence of blastocoel and cells made up of around 128 cells.


Blastula contains a fluid-filled blastocoel surrounded by layers of cells that emerge from series of cleavage. The process involved in the formation of blastula is referred to as blastulation.

Word origin: from Greek blastos, bud + Latin -ula


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Why's palm stems equally thick all the way?

... when other regular trees are thicker at the base and become smaller further up towards the top? Also, why doesn't palms have tree rings? Regards, Blastula

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Evolution of the Face and Head

... stage is crucial: mammals are deuterostoma (mouth second) and insects protostoma (mouth first): when the embryo develops from a solid ball into a blastula (a hollow sphere) into gastrula a hollow sphere with an opening), the first opening becomes the mouth in protostoma, but the anus in deuterostoma. ...

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animal+plant Cell Mitosis Question

does the percentage of time spent in phase of mitosis in a Onion Root same as the time spend in phase in Animal Mitosis(whiteflesh blastula)? i calculated about 24% of time, the onion root is under going prophase, does that mean the whiteflesh blastula is also going under prophase 24% of ...

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Differentiation doubt

... or any cell for that matter because they know it from their parent cell. But when we start from the zygote,and cells go through morula ,gastrula,blastula stages,and the three germ layers,how does the cell know at that time which genes to activate in order to make a given cell a neuron,cardiac ...

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Embryo Development

zygote, blastula, morula, gastrula, embryo gametogenesis fertilization blastulation gastrulation neurulation= only in Chordates organogenesis Hope this helps.

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