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1. Changed by pressure so as to be no longer straight; crooked; as, a bent pin; a bent lever.

2. Strongly inclined toward something, so as to be resolved, determined, set, etc.; said of the mind, character, disposition, desires, etc, and used with on; as, to be bent on going to college; he is bent on mischief.

3. (Science: botany) a reedlike grass of the genus Agrostis, especially. Agrostis vulgaris, or redtop. The name is also used of many other grasses, esp. In America.

4. (Science: agriculture) Any neglected field or broken ground; a common; a moor. Bowmen bickered upon the bent.

Origin: as. Beonet; akin to OHG. Pinuz, g. Binse, rush, bent grass; of unknown origin.

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