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1. A mound, pile, or ridge of earth, raised above the surrounding level; hence, anything shaped like a mound or ridge of earth; as, a bank of clouds; a bank of snow. They cast up a bank against the city. (2 sam. Xx. 15)

2. A steep acclivity, as the slope of a hill, or the side of a ravine.

3. The margin of a watercourse; the rising ground bordering a lake, river, or sea, or forming the edge of a cutting, or other hollow. Tiber trembled underneath her banks. (Shak)

4. An elevation, or rising ground, under the sea; a shoal, shelf, or shallow; as, the banks of newfoundland.

5. (Science: chemical) The face of the coal at which miners are working. A deposit of ore or coal, worked by excavations above water level.

The ground at the top of a shaft; as, ores are brought to bank.

(Science: zoology) bank beaver, the otter. Bank swallow, a small American and European swallow (Clivicola riparia) that nests in a hole which it excavates in a bank.

Origin: oe. Banke; akin to E. Bench, and prob. Of Scand. Origin.; cf. Icel. Bakki. See bench.

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molecular question.

... a mutant but you don't know the region where the mutant gene is allocated. How would you find out where the gene is located by using a genomic bank? I think it isn't possible with hybridization techniques because you dont have a primer? So im curious what the solution will be. Thanks :)

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Found this bone in a washed out bank at the edge of the woods behind my house. I thought it had to be a pelvis, but after googling skeleton pictures of every animal I could think of, I am completely stumped. It isn't long and narrow like ...

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Unless your goal in life is maximising your bank account, being unfocused is a GOOD thing, although employers aren't too keen on it. Grad school is a heck of a lot different than undergrad - better if you prefer thinking to memorising. I'd also ...

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