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1. A bag made of silk or other light material, and filled with hydrogen gas or heated air, so as to rise and float in the atmosphere; especially, one with a car attached for aerial navigation.

2. A ball or globe on the top of a pillar, church, etc, as at St. Paul's, in london.

3. (Science: chemistry) a round vessel, usually with a short neck, to hold or receive whatever is distilled; a glass vessel of a spherical form.

4. (Science: chemistry) a bomb or shell.

5. A game played with a large infated ball.

6. The outline inclosing words represented as coming from the mouth of a pictured figure. Air balloon, a balloon for aerial navigation. Balloon frame, a house frame constructed altogether of small timber. Balloon net, a variety of woven lace in which the weft threads are twisted in a peculiar manner around the warp.

Origin: f. Ballon, aug. Of balle ball: cf. It. Ballone. See 1st ball, and cf. Pallone.

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... all of a sudden you find that you can see through your eyelids, then you find yourself up against the ceiling, in a corner of your room, like a balloon, and you see your own body lying there, and then several things can happen, like going out on the street and floating around until you reach ...

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Re: Can Systolic BP ever be less than Diastolic?

... and makes more room for blood, so the pressure drops. I am no doctor, but I think this is impossible. It's like asking if air pressure inside a balloon is higher when you fill the balloon with air, than when you let the air out. This is very similar to how heart works, just that instead of air, ...

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Re: Solving World Hunger with Aphid Farms

... as they reproduce asexually much of the year, they are going to be constantly harvested, leaving a small breeding population which will quickly balloon in size will be no problem, and will allow us to harvest some of them for food every week, which is a spectacular rate.

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Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

... Nobody could help with this bloating. Everytime it happens my belly grows 3 sizes n is painfull to walk or do anything. It actually feel like Im a balloon full of air n about to explode. It happens wether I eat or not n when I eat anything can trigger it. I have been on almost every medicine out ...

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Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

... . constipation and excessive weight gain i was a size 10 I've put on over 20 kgs . I've had constant pain in my stomach and sides i blow up like a balloon. i look pregnant . i can't get rid of it somedays its smaller than the others but even thats to big. i was thinking it may be cysts having similar ...

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