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1. The third season of the year, or the season between summer and winter, often called the fall. Astronomically, it begins in the northern temperate zone at the autumnal equinox, about september 23, and ends at the winter solstice, about december 23; but in popular language, autumn, in America, comprises september, october, and november.

in England, according to Johnson, autumn popularly comprises august, september, and october. In the southern hemisphere, the autumn corresponds to our spring.

2. The harvest or fruits of autumn.

3. The time of maturity or decline; latter portion; third stage. Dr. Preston was now entering into the autumn of the dukes favor. (Fuller) Life's autumn past, i stand on winters verge. (Wordsworth)

Origin: L. Auctumnus, autumnus, perh. Fr. A root av to satisfy one's self: cf. F. Automne. See Avarice.

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Theories - Origin of Life

Gavin In the northern hemisphere - autumn in the south - spring. In the tropics, warm, at the extremes - cold. Very sorry, uh ... but may I ask your permission at least to make assumptions? :roll:

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Photosynthetic Pigments: The effect from coloured lighting

... that this is the most effecient absorption spectrum? Why would they change there colour whether on the top or bottom of a tree or during autumn/summer other than poor health, do they not want that much energy perhaps?

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Presence of carotene in Leaves and in Citrus Fruit

... color, and then ripens into a bright yellow. Likewise, the leaves of a number of trees are green when they are alive, and then change color in the autumn to bright yellow. I've read that the yellow color in both autumn leaves and ripe lemons is due to the present of carotene. So my question is, ...

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Why are leaves green?

... how healthy particular vegetation may be. Leaves appear greenest to us in summer and become red or yellow with decrease in chlorophyll content in autumn. Majority of the radiation incident upon water is not reflected but either is absorbed or transmitted. Longer visible wavelengths and near-infrared ...

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Name game

Elaeagnus umbellata - Autumn olive

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