1. To make or get (something) ready; to prepare.

2. To furnish with apparatus; to equip; to fit out. Ships . . . Appareled to fight. (Hayward)

3. To dress or clothe; to attire. They which are gorgeously appareled, and live delicately, are in kings courts. (Luke vii. 25)

4. To dress with external ornaments; to cover with something ornamental; to deck; to embellish; as, trees appareled with flowers, or a garden with verdure. Appareled in celestial light. (Wordsworth)

Origin: Appareled, or Apparelled; Appareling, or Apparelling] [OF. Apareiller.

1. External clothing; vesture; garments; dress; garb; external habiliments or array. Fresh in his new apparel, proud and young. (Denham) At public devotion his resigned carriage made religion appear in the natural apparel of simplicity. (Tatler)

2. A small ornamental piece of embroidery worn on albs and some other ecclesiastical vestments.

3. The furniture of a ship, as masts, sails, rigging, anchors, guns, etc.

Synonym: dress, clothing, vesture, garments, raiment, garb, costume, attire, habiliments.

Origin: oe. Apparel, apareil, OF. Apareil, appareil, preparation, provision, furniture, OF. Apareiller to match, prepare, f. Appareiller; OF. A (L. Ad) _ pareil like, similar, fr. LL. Pariculus, dim. Of L. Par equal. See pair.

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