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Altitude sickness

a condition that results from prolonged exposure to high altitude.

symptoms include a continuous dry cough, shortness of breath, poor exercise tolerance, dizziness, headache, sleep difficulty, anorexia, confusion, fatigue and a rapid pulse.

treatment includes the immediate movement to a lower altitude. Prophylaxis has been accomplished successfully with the use of acetazolamide (Diamox).

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3 questions i cant figure out-energy enzymes, and metabolism

... + NADH -> Glyceraldehyde phosphate + NAD 3. Identify the method of regulation that is used in each example. 1. Athletes who train at high altitudes produce more of the protein erythropoetin (EPO) which results in increased red blood cell production. A.Cellular regulation B.Biochemical ...

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Re: oxygen "grabbers" haemoglobin adaptation?

Grabbers are the type of animals/organisms in low [O2] enviroment. Such as Llamas at high altitudes. If you look at the oxygen association of curve comparing the human, the llama ones shifts to the left. As they readily need oxygen as their have a high affinity of O2. ...

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Rare Florist Gloxinia

... again. All of my other gloxinias grow in this pattern. My rare gloxinia has three leaves per node junction. They are arranged like that altitudes of an equilateral triangle; spaced by 120 degrees. The next junction is mirror around the horizontal (triangle tip facing North, then the ...

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What happens to the body envolving biology at High Altitudes

Hi I'm new but I'm not sure whether this is the rite site for this kind of question but i have a human movement assessment and i was wondering. When people go to a higher altitude what happens to them i know that they become altitude sick but still does pressure between the bones increase resulting ...

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Re: bird's flight

... so the result is upward force… that’s why when u blow across paper sheet it will lift,and that’s why preirie dogs make openings on different altitudes so there is a ventilation with air flowing from lower opening(higher pressure) to higher opening(where the pressure of air is lower)..etc ...

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by zami'87.
Tue Dec 26, 2006 5:09 pm
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