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Of, relating to or denoting an exact factor or divisor of a quantity, i.e. not resulting in a remainder, e.g. an aliquot part of 8 is 2.


(mathematics) An aliquot part; a portion of a whole.

(chemistry) A sample or a portion of the total amount of a solution.

(pharmacology) A method of measuring ingredient below the sensitivity of a scale.


In chemistry and pharmacology, it is common that a solution of a reagent is divided into aliquots so that there is no need in handling the total sample when a small portion is only needed.

Word origin: from the Latin aliquoties, "several times"

Compare: aliquant

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Re: qPCR vs Northern Blot

Thank you both for answers. Firstly - aliquots for Northern blot and qPCR were the same (firstly I did NB and after a couple of weeks qPCR). @jonmoulton - you're rigth first - in Northern blot I had silencing, in qPCR i didn't. As far as your ...

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Problems making chemically competent cells

... step 5. 9. Resuspend the pellet in 8ml (1/12.5 of the original culture volume) of RF2. 10. Incubate the cell suspension on ice for 15 minutes. 11. Aliquot the cells into pre-chilled eppendorfs. 12. (Immediately flash freeze the aliquots in liquid nitrogen, then store at -70°C.) Solutions: RF1 Compound ...

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Re: Bacterial Calculation

... need a serial dilution calculator ... seriously. If you get 55 colonies at a 10^4 dilution, then you have 5.5*10^5 cfu/mL (in case you used an aliquot of 1 mL). If you count 85 colonies at a 10^5 dilution then it`s 8.5*10^6 cfu/mL, which is already close to the concentration you need. To get ...

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Resuspending bacterial pellet to a certain OD600

What about to get only aliquot of your O/N culture? :roll:

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Help growing Chlamydia stock

... trying to culture Chlamydia (C. pecorum and C. trachomatis, in BGM cells), and have never done any cell culture work before. I have a few 100uL aliquots of C. trachomatis stock that I need to grow up in order to make 100's of aliquots, to use as my positive control. Each aliquot is apparently ...

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