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1. Regarded with affection; beloved. His affected hercules. (Chapman)

2. Inclined; disposed; attached. How stand you affected his wish? (Shak)

3. Given to false show; assuming or pretending to posses what is not natural or real. He is . . . Too spruce, too affected, too odd. (Shak)

4. Assumed artificially; not natural. Affected coldness and indifference. (Addison)

5. (Science: mathematics) Made up of terms involving different powers of the unknown quantity; adfected; as, an affected equation.

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... skin? -Why is is not recommended to use the ointment around the mouth area? I'm worried to use it on my chin because of this. The impetigo also affected my bottom lip. -I was using antibacterial honey on my rash. Would quitting the honey and introducing another antibiotic (Bactroban) cause any ...

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Re: need help with some home work

... it works. uNDER special circumstances, a gene might be influenced by modifications of the histone code and thus the level of expression will be affected. This is called epigenetics, you can read up on it. What happens is that only the gene from the mother or the father is expressed. Here if ...

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... of science that studies the nature and action of poisons and also the adverse health effects of chemical materials. Toxicosis potential is usually affected by multitude of related factors. Exposure-related, biologic, and chemical factors are main factors that influence observed clinical consequences. ...

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Cancer more than animals animals

Cancer in the plants never heard about it. If it so then human can also be affected with the plants by eating them.

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Please read! About life history strategies!

... help me if you can! Assume annual species lives in a stochastic environment and acts in a strategy-independent way where all individuals are affected equally, and fecundity is traded off with juvenile survival. There are also some fluctuating environmental factors such as variable food supply ...

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