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Origin: L. Adulterium. See Advoutry.

1. The unfaithfulness of a married person to the marriage bed; sexual intercourse by a married man with another than his wife, or voluntary sexual intercourse by a married woman with another than her husband.

It is adultery on the part of the married wrongdoer. The word has also been used to characterise the act of an unmarried participator, the other being married. In the united states the definition varies with the local statutes. Unlawful intercourse between two married persons is sometimes called double adultery; between a married and an unmarried person, single adultery.

2. Adulteration; corruption.

3. Lewdness or unchastity of thought as well as act, as forbidden by the seventh commandment. Faithlessness in religion.

4. The fine and penalty imposed for the offense of adultery.

5. The intrusion of a person into a bishopric during the life of the bishop.

6. Injury; degradation; ruin. You might wrest the caduceus out of my hand to the adultery and spoil of nature. (B. Jonson)

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Re: Theories - Origin of Life

... control our population. I'd also suggest that sex should be more satisfying with long term committed partners than first time flings and adultery. Why viruses? Why birth defects? Why cancer?

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Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:36 am
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Pitfalls of Evolutionary Psychology: Exaptation

... magazine on evolutionary psychology regarding human mating. Previously, conventional wisdom suggested that men are evolutionarily predisposed to adultery and cheating because it would ensure the greatest number of offspring. In addition, one might argue that men would be less likely to care for ...

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by jeremyo
Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:12 am
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Re: Natural selection wrong due to transmission of harmful genes

... if someone offends at one point of the law he is guilty of breaking the law. "For he who said do not commit murder also said do not commit adultery, now if I do not murder but I commit adultery, then I transgress the law." --James (paraphrased) "...if you shall look upon a woman ...

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by AFJ
Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:51 pm
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Discuss monogamy & polygamy

... wrong. In Philippines and in some Christian countries, polygamy is seen as immoral. Biblically speaking, anyone who leaves and marries another is adultery. But of course, we are humans and we can not always pattern our life with what is moral always. There will always be imperfection in our ways ...

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by mcar
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Reconciling Faith with Evolution

... specific sources, I can't think of any part of the Bible telling a man he can't rape his wife... Yes there are rules against lust, fornication, adultery, etc... But the above isn't mentioned as far as I can tell. Lets do site some sources!! "I will also send wild beasts among you, which ...

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by E8-not42
Mon Nov 19, 2007 2:15 am
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