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1. Anything that increases rapidity of action or function.

2. In physiology, a nerve, muscle, or substance that quickens movement or response.

3. A catalytic agent used to hasten a chemical reaction.

4. In nuclear physics, a device that accelerates charged particles (e.g., protons) to high speed in order to produce nuclear reactions in a target, often for the production of radionuclides or for radiation Therapy.

Synonym: accelerant.

Origin: L. Accelerans, pres. P. Of ac-celero, to hasten, fr. Celer, swift (chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.

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... infect patient with bacteria and at the same time give him or her treatment against that bacteria? Have you ever driven a car Jack? You use the accelerator and at the same time you use the brake? Does that seem like nonsense to you? It shouldn't because there's no other way to drive than to ...

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How to Obtain Dinosaurs

... with earth origin, which in the dense layers, at mutual collision, to rebound without return in Space. Is it possible the Earth to own a natural accelerator of particles? Is it possible the magnet turbulence to accelerate the light at the expense of the heavy ions? Of course, the sol radiation ...

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Re: Big bang and Evoluion

To Universe. I will try a simplified explanation. You can see the Big Bang in a kind of reverse by looking at nuclear accelerators. As humans build bigger and bigger, and better accelerator/colliders (a bit like building bigger and better telescopes), we are able to increase the energy ...

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... and may accelerate the production of a greater number of species within the group of animals known as birds. ie Is form discrimination an accelerator to speciation?

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