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Origin: f. Academie, L. Academia. Cf. Academe.

1. A garden or grove near Athens (so named from the hero Academus), where Plato and his followers held their philosophical conferences; hence, the school of philosophy of which Plato was head.

2. An institution for the study of higher learning; a college or a university. Popularly, a school, or seminary of learning, holding a rank between a college and a common school.

3. A place of training; a school. Academies of fanaticism.

4. A society of learned men united for the advancement of the arts and sciences, and literature, or some particular art or science; as, the french Academy; the American academy of arts and Sciences; academies of literature and philology.

5. A school or place of training in which some special art is taught; as, the military academy at west Point; a riding academy; the academy of music. Academy figure, a drawing usually half life-size, in crayon or pencil, after a nude model.

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... interesting thing based on Peter Duesbergs book 'Inventing the AIDS virus' both him and Linus Pauling are the only 2 members of the national academy of science to have papers rejected for publishing (he says they could normally just skip the peer review and go straight to publishing) Dusberg ...

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... on thyroidectomy. 1st World Conf for Acad Exch of Medical Qigong. Beijing, China. 84E; 1988. 6. Sun, Quizhi; Zhao, Li. Kuangan Men Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China [1]. Clinical observation of qigong as a theraputic aid for advanced cancer patients. 1st World ...

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