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ATP synthetase


noun, plural: ATP synthetases

An enzyme that catalyzes the formation of ATP from the phosphorylation of ADP with inorganic phosphate, using a form of energy.


This enzyme consists of two major segments: Fo portion, the transmembrane proton channel and F1 portion, the catalytic component. The proton channel component allows the diffusion of protons (hydrogen ions) from an area where there are more hydrogen ions to an area where there are less hydrogen ions due to a proton gradient. As the proton (H+ ion) moves down the concentration gradient this moves the enzyme in a spinning motion, which brings ADP and inorganic phosphate together to form a bond, thus creating ATP molecule. The resulting ATP molecule is released so that a new ADP molecule can enter for another phosphorylation.

See also: chemiosmosis

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what's the different betweent synthetase and synthases?

i only know one consumes ATP and another dn't, but what's more?

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Topic: what's the different betweent synthetase and synthases?
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A2 nitrogen fixation + denitrification

* there are several enzymes glutamine synthase and synthetase, I think. One is working with low NH3 conc. (and must use ATP), whereas the other is more useful with higher conc., when it runs faster ;)

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... not a protein, so it can't be the answer to "proteins that make ATP." Possible answers that occur to me might be "synthase" or "synthetase" or even "enzyme". ATPase could also be an answer, but unless you're ...

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... polypeptide is, by definition, a protein, be it a small peptide, or F1-ATP synthetase. But maybe you mean “protein” in some special or functional way. In any event, there ...

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The Fiber Disease

... subunit I gene, the arginyl tRNA, the mitochondrial version of the ATPase subunit 9 gene, the cytochrome oxidase subunit II gene and a part ... related " FUNCTION: Metabolism of Macromolecules Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases and tRNA modification PRODUCT="ATP-dependent RNA helicase, ...

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