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Study Guides

Books that help facilitate learning and comprehension of some topics.

Study Guides

Homework Helpers: Biology by M. Distefano
Biology is a science full of terms and concepts that range from the hard-to-imagine, such as the structure of an atom, to those we see every day, such as the structure of our own face in the mirror.

Date: 16 Oct 2006, Rating: 3.0

Kaplan GRE Biology: Second Edition
Kaplan's GRE Biology offers complete practice with a targeted review of all the material on the exam -- from Cellular Structure and Molecular Biology to Ecology and Evolution.

Date: 16 Oct 2006, Rating: 3.7

CLEP General Biology (College Level Examination Series by J. Rudman
Excerpt from Customer Reviews: You need this, big time...

Date: 16 Oct 2006, Rating: Not rated

Study Guide for Biology by M.R. Taylor & Campbell
Excerpt from Customer Reviews: I highly recommend getting this study aid, because not only does it contain quizzes, questions, and diagrams for you to fill, but also it is a blessing when you don't have the time to read a whole chapter in the text

Date: 11 Oct 2006, Rating: 3.0

Cracking the SAT Biology E/M Subject Test, 2005-2006 Edition (College Test Prep) by J.Wright
Excerpt from Customer Reviews: Overall, although I admit there is no perfect SAT II: E/M book (nor will there ever be), I would have to say that the Princeton Review staff does the best job of any other SAT II: Biology E/M study guide.

Date: 11 Oct 2006, Rating: 4.0

Cracking the AP Biology Exam, 2006-2007 Edition (College Test Prep)
This reviewer teaches preparation strategies, test-taking techniques to score high on the AP Biology Exam

Date: 3 Oct 2006, Rating: 2.3

Biology (Cliffs AP) by Phillip
CliffsAP study guides help you gain an edge on Advanced Placement* exams. Review exercises, realistic practice exams, and effective test-taking strategies are the key to calmer nerves and higher AP* scores.

Date: 2 Oct 2006, Rating: 1.0