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1. A kind of net for catching birds, fishes, or other prey.

2. A net for confining a woman's hair.

3. A kind of shackle used for regulating the motions of a horse and making him amble.

4. Whatever impedes activity, progress, or freedom, as a net or shackle. [They] disdain the trammels of any sordid contract. (Jeffrey)

5. An iron hook of various forms and sizes, used for handing kettles and other vessels over the fire.

6. (Science: geometry) An instrument for drawing ellipses, one part of which consists of a cross with two grooves at right angles to each other, the other being a beam carrying two pins (which slide in those grooves), and also the describing pencil.

Origin: F. Tramail, tremail, a net, LL. Tremaculum, tremacle, a kind of net for taking fish; L. Tres three _ macula a mesh.

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